Online dating becoming the most convenient date style

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Today, more and more dating sites appear, because the demand of the most people. For example, bisexual people like a bi chat room; threesome finders choose threesome site of couple looking for woman; Unicorn woman looking for couples via unicorn dating sites....

If we treated a dating as a “competitive market”. The biggest problem is how to get it on the competition. It’s a strange fact of modern love that some people met their spouse when he had acne and braces while others met their spouse on a date after work. But for someone, when surrounded by two female students in high school, already reached her peak of life. At the last time, he can’t find a date anywhere. So it’s the reason why online dating sites exist.

Why do blind dating people meet the same attractive people, and friends form mixed-attractive couples?

Do acquaintances ignore appearances because they understand each other's personality and unique attributes? Is dating not a “competitive market” when it is a friend rather than a bar or family gathering?

This is an open question, but the same group of researchers have an interesting insight into the exercises they have done at UT Austin students.

At the beginning of the semester, they asked small class students to rate their classmates' wishes. (Probability may include non-physical attributes and aesthetics.) When researchers looked at ratings, they found that most students agreed who was hot and who was not.

However, three months later, the researchers asked the same group of students to reevaluate their classmates. Hey, many ratings have changed: the students’ opinions on who is the data have been communicated in the classroom. As time goes on, personality has a greater impact on someone's ideal level.

More importantly, students no longer agree. Their rankings reflect their personal preferences for the non-physical attributes of others in the class. If a classmate may find a student's enthusiasm in class, another classmate may not like it.

“The perception of the value of the spouse has changed the time people spend together,” Lucy Hunt said to the results, adding, “Maybe the situation is that the beauty is in the eyes of the onlookers, especially over time.”

and we can see, online dating is similar to blind dating.


Women Looking for Couple

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